Got Woodpeckers?

Woodpeckers are one of the most interesting types of birds. There are over 200 species of woodpeckers that can be found all around the globe except in Australia, New Zealand and Madagascar. Woodpeckers live in forests, backyards and various other types of habitat where trees are available. Several species of woodpeckers are endangered or already extinct due to habitat loss and increased urbanization.

If you’re a property owner or pest management professional in any area where there are trees, you’ve probably had problems with woodpeckers. They drill nasty, gaping holes in your siding, fascia boards, EIFS, and those beautiful architectural elements created with foam. The problem is compounded by the fact that woodpeckers are classified as migratory, non-game birds and are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Lethal controls or nest destruction can only be conducted with a special permit issued by the Law Enforcement Division of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and after recommendation of USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Service’s personnel.

Did You Know?

Woodpeckers have bristle-like feathers over their nostrils help to keep wood particles from being inhaled.

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