To increase the success of any bird control product installation, a thorough cleanup and disinfecting of bird droppings and debris should be done. Not only will it ensure that the installed bird deterrent adheres to the building, but it also helps to eliminate the chance for the spread of disease carried by the droppings; and makes the building more aesthetically pleasing.

A heavy buildup of bird droppings is best left to the professional cleaning company with experience in removing hazardous waste.

Download 8 Tips to Successfully Cleanup Bird Droppings to learn how to properly clean-up bird droppings and sanitize an area prior to bird control product installation.

When cleaning up bird droppings, be sure to protect yourself and your staff by wearing a face respirator, tyvek suit and ear protection. Bird droppings can carry any of 60 transmittable diseases, it is wise to be sufficiently protected when handling it.

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